Kristin C Knight

 Transformational Offerings

Here is the permission you’ve been waiting for…


1:1 coaching sessions

60min - 90mins

in person or on zoom

 The work we do together is not about “fixing you.” You are not broken. You simply weren’t taught how to harness your uniques gifts, navigate your sexual power and become a masterful lover.  

Here you are safe to open and express your biggest challenges, deepest desires and darkest shadows. These are precisely the parts of you that are gateways to your greatest authentic expression inside and outside of the bedroom.

I offer a full permission, completely non-judgmental space to let it all out and clear what has been holding you back from your greatest potential.

  • Discover how to use sexuality as a gateway to personal empowerment

  • Learn mastery in your body and feel confident in your sexual performance through powerful practices

  • Find freedom in your intimate relationships & embrace your vulnerability

  • Harness your sexual energy consciously and feel the power of your desires

  • Learn how to step into your full authentic masculine power & realize that’s what “she” is waiting for

In person tantra sessions

90min - 3 hours

I invite you to experience in person embodiment sessions that use the power of breath, sound, movement, touch, intention, and the senses to unlock the flow of life force energy.  This is a deep and sacred ritual. Demystify tantric practices that expand your capacity for pleasure, explore altered states of consciousness and enter the realms of divine love.

Allow your ego to fall away and simply enter the most profound state of presence … where the ecstasy of life unfolds…

As the temple priestess, I lovingly guide you into the deepest parts of your soul and energy body.


  • Deeper connection with your body & spirit

  • Release shame, guilt and fear from your sexuality

  • Learn the art of true surrender and allow yourself to receive, be held and nurtured

  • Connect to your energy body & learn how to circulate pleasure throughout

  • Heal past wounds that have kept you blocked from experiencing ecstatic pleasure

  • Your higher purpose can be revealed