I will begin at the end of my session with Kristin. My body buzzed from head to toe. My fingertips felt warm with radiating energy. The space between my brows, the third eye, was pulsating with color. I felt power in my root and solar plexus. I felt an aliveness, an energy, a warmth and spaciousness in my heart chakra I hadn’t known was missing until she brought it out from my depth. My experience was exquisite from beginning to end. Greeting me at the temple door, Kristin was warm and genuinely friendly. I felt instantly at ease in her presence. Kristin holds a supportive, peaceful and nurturing space. In the room, I felt enveloped as a seed in the earth. Earth is her primary energy but certainly not her only. Kristin is organic, balanced and intuitive in her Tantric approach. Nothing feels mechanical or rehearsed. She is authentically in touch with her healing energies. Her touch is light but felt deeply. I became lost without thought in the sensation of her energies - a flowing river of touch nourishing what felt arid and forgotten in my body, the constancy of her breath, cleansing away pain and opening me to sensation, the gradual building of body heat burning away toxicity and pain, building power in my root, and of course the beautiful nurturing earth energy, where new life force flourishes. I can no recommend anyone more than Kristin or sing higher praises to a Tantric Priestess. I am in gratitude for this experience with Kristin.

- Jim Z. California

I have been on a journey to learn more about Tantra. I booked an appointment, completely unsure of what to expect. I arrived and met Kristin for the first time. Her beauty caught me off guard and she quickly put me at ease with her gentle nature and contagious smile. She is extremely easy to be around and quite an amazing teacher. She is just an absolute pleasure to spend time with and words can barely begin to describe this. I left completely relaxed, refreshed and like I was on some sort of a high. I highly recommend this Goddess for whatever path your searching for. I look forward to many more sessions with this beautiful human!

– Mike F. California

Coaching with Kristin is such a powerful experience. She holds such a grounded and empowered space, and she is one of the most understanding and nonjudgmental people I know. Our work together allowed me to surrender more deeply and open up to a deeper vulnerability that is often times incredibly challenging for me. I am so grateful to feel the way our few sessions together have allowed me to open up more and more to the woman I am desiring to become. Her reflections are always spot on, and she always guides with deep understanding, gentleness, and love. Although her guidance is gentle and loving, the processes she leads you through are very deep and profound. I highly, highly recommend working with Kristin. Sexuality is so important, and it’s such a gift to find a coach that is in deep integrity with this kind of work. Thank you, Kristin!

- Whitney U. California