Kristin Knight is a Sexual Empowerment Coach, Tantra Practitioner & Bodyworker, Temple Priestess, and Yoga Teacher. Her training is an in depth blend of eastern ancient teachings & practices coupled with western understandings of the brain and psychology.

Kristin took her first yoga class 10 years ago, at the time having no idea how this would completely change the trajectory of her life.  As she deepened the connection between her mind, body and spirit her experience of life changed in the most extraordinary ways. Kristin followed her adventurous spirit, and traveled the world living in alternative communities which helped to decondition her ideas of sexuality and mysticism. She has been clearly guided to work with and empower men, supporting them in their conscious sexual awakening.

Kristin's nature is wild yet grounded. Her touch is potent yet tender. Her sessions are intuitive exploring the boundaries of pleasure, surrender, consciousness, transformation, healing and anything else that arises in the sacred container. 

She is passionate about embodiment practices that expand consciousness and give way to a newly inspired, connected and joyful way of living. 

Kristin believes honouring our magnificent bodies is an act of honouring the divine.